Thursday, March 10, 2011

Tank bund Vandalism and hurt Telugu Spirit


                  The unprecedented vandalism that marked  million march in Hyderabad on 10, march  shocked everybody alike. In fact those who respect Telangana sentiment are more hurt because this is not part of the  democratic traditions of heroic Telangana.
The most preplexing part is that all the Peoples representatives attacked so far are from the same region ! Earlier it was Nagam, Latter it was JP(who technically is from the region) now Madhu yashki and kk. It only shows that impatience know
no region or religion! In fact even KCR known for many mercuric strategies is also a target some times. It may be doing a great favour itself if TRS take these incidents seriously and TDP and congress take a straight political stand. It all points  the neddel of suspicion to the powers that be at centre who are playing havoc with the AP people all these months. One only wish that the people of all the three regions understand the tricks of the ruling parties and those who are anxious to rule in future.
The attack on media and the destuction of cameras etc is all the more attrocious as it constitute a direct attack on press freedom with  semi fascistic overtones.
Finally, the demolition of pioneers of Telugu culture makes the  entire state to hang the head in shame. All of them are great souls transcending barriers of all kind. Let history condone the crime and rekindle the Telugu spirit with democratic struggling vallues.


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