Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Modification by fasting?

     Remember the word Modification ? It is back in a garb.In the aftermath of 2002 genocide it was the name given to the political strategy  of Narendra Modi. Now US appears to be hell bent on Modification. The very country which rejected a visa to him and angered  every Indian now  ready to do business with him. That is US. This certificate preceded the Fast of Modi  aimed at show casing a different face. That apart  a great myth is sought to be created around him as a icon of vibrancy and effective ruling with almost no corruption.
       Remember the feel good projection that was rejected out right after Vajpaye rule? Modi attempting the same is ridiculous and incredible. Maybe he sustained the growth of an already developed state  and controlled corruption to some extent. Business men may praise him for their own reasons but to depict him as icon of development is far from true.

           The mute point is getting acceptability to Modi. Just three  points are enough. Vajpaye as PM asked him to quit and then backtracked under pressure.  Anna Hazare drawn flack from various quarters for praising him. Finally Nitish Kumar, another CM won laurels from us himself refused to share platform with him during elections. Modi enjoys. On the occasion of the fast JD(U) is once again recorded it’s reservations on MODI. Then Advani was summoned by
RSS top bross at Nagpur to dissuade him  from nurturing any Prime Ministerial ambitions. These are but some examples to  show the level of acceptability.

                  On his own the Sadbhavi revelled his true attitude by rejecting to adore the muslim cap on his head at the conclusion. Which naturally infuraited even the minority leader who supported  himin the beginning.

         To present sc judgement in MP Jafri murder case is  total fabrication. In fact the real trailwill begin now.

            Finally some facts on the glorified picture of Gujarat under Modi.

1.There are major scams - sujalam-suphalam scam in 2009 of about Rs. 1700 crores.
2.NREGE scam of RS. 260 Cr.
3.Fisheries scam  of  about Rs. 600 cr.

            About investment  and employment
Modi organised Vibrant Gujarat for the first time in 2003 and  investments praposals were to the tune of Rs.69 crores. The same summit in 2011 attracted praposals worth Rs.21 likh crores. This is  one side.

If you take the real picture the actual investments attracted were Rs.2.8  lakh crore on the whole. So much so. In the same period Maharshtra attracted Rs.17 lakh crores.

In case of employment there are  more than 8 lakh un employees in the state.worse still Gujarat accounts for only 5% of total employment generated under NEREGA.

Finaly the secret of industry singing the praise of Modi is that he hands over huge tracts of land indiscriminately to them like Late YSR in AP. 

One may hail him and sail with him. But to project him as great leader is far away from the facts. His overkill on Gujarat Asmiata also may not be taken much by others. The kind of communal holocaust will never do good for any country muchless India.
                                      (BASED ON MY PANEL DISCUSSION IN  TV9 WITH Madhu yaski , kishan Reddy conducted by Rajanikant on 17.9.11)


  1. No CM in our country could provide confidance to farmers to get annual growth rate of 11%-
    No single Farmer died in Gujarat with suicide due to interface with Government-
    Gujarat is first government to come out of US clutches of power generation and became indigineous technological generation mechanisms encouraging solar power
    Gujarat is first state to have lowest unemployment
    Gujarat is only state with an average wages of Rs8000/Month for lower class labourers
    The Red rule in china or Russia was unable to reach even to the 1/10 of the developmental statistics shwon up by Modi
    Why waste your time on digging against Modi?if you have guts ,conscience question the owners of 2G scam and the people who made them as Ministers in 2004

  2. @Nara simha...
    React on the facts that i mentioned.. why go to China.. you are free to talk any thing about the reds..which is a fobia.... Even now Avani dodged the PM candidature issue and JDU declined Modi directly. Pl remember here the debate is MOdi and not China.

  3. Your assessments always seems to be from a RED spectacles so the RED is criticised-If you remove your RED glasses you wear you can read below about Modi -

    Gujarat has only 5% of India’s population and 6% of its geographical area, but its contribution to India in terms of ‘Value of Output’ is 16.10%;
    in terms of exports it is 16% and in terms of stock market capitalization it is 30%.
    With over 3 lac small scale units, over 2200 large and medium industries, 83 closely integrated industrial clusters, 182 industrial estates and 33 Special Economic Zones with flexible labour laws and an easy exit policy – Gujarat is one of the most industrialized states of India.

    However, what makes Gujarat an industrial paradise is its peaceful and hard working workforce.

    Gujarat has a 16.2% share in India’s industrial production whereas the percentage of man-days lost in Gujarat due to labour strife is just 0.52% - the lowest in the country

    the Planning Commission had set a target growth rate of 10.2% for Gujarat in the 10th five year plan compared to the average of 8.2% for the entire country; and true to this spirit of economic buoyancy, Gujarat achieved a growth rate of 15% in the first year itself and surpassed the target of 10.2% set by the planning commission. In fact,

    Gujarat has been growing at 10-11% for the past several years and is all set to take on the challenges of the next five-year plan target.

    The sales tax income which was Rs.5,890 crores when Modi took over increased to Rs.10,606 crores within 4 years, more importantly without imposing any new taxes. Since the last 3 years, development expenditure is more than the non-development expenditure in Gujarat, which is an unusual phenomenon.
    Enabled the turning around of 'PSU’s (Public Sector Units) such as GSFC, GMDC, GIPCL, GNFC, GACL and resulted in enhancing their market capitalization to an all time high. Another prudent step was a major restructuring drive turning around the power sector from a loss of over Rs.1900 crores in 2003-04 to a profit of Rs.180 crores in 2005-06.
    He has demonstrated adequate courage to hike the electricity tariff in certain sectors, checking power theft, not succumbing to the demand for undue subsidies, cancellation of fake ration cards etc. At the same time, his decisive reforms such as rationalization of taxes, system for improving cash collections for power sector and the like have improved the economic health of the state.
    Over the last few years, the Government of Gujarat has also succeeded in completely wiping off the revenue deficit from the level of Rs. 7,000 crores and is poised to be a revenue surplus state. The fiscal deficits have also decreased substantially.
    Gujarat ranks No.1 in the Economic Freedom Index as per the research conducted by the Rajiv Gandhi Foundation. However the icing on the cake is recognition of Modi as the No.1 Chief Minister by the people, thrice consecutively in five years in the India Today-ORG MARG Survey, a unique recognition ever achieved by any CM in the country. His being adjudged as the “Person of the Year” by the readers of a weekly magazine “Chitralekha,” rating ahead of Amitabh Bachchan and many others, speaks a lot about his popularity

  4. Mr. Nara Simha reacted rightly and explained why Gujarath is a developed state. But, you conveniently locked-on to words China/Russia, though he mentioned it for CPM's introspection.

    Tera gaaru,

    You please react/compare on development status of WB in the country after 26years of continuous ruling. Forget pat by the US, not even other comrades appreciated the govt in WB. Did China/Russia ever appreciated CPM's ruling in WB? I don't remember of any.

    Hope CPM would learn from Modi/Nitish/Mamata and improve their administrative skills instaed of crying on Modi with jealousy/heart-burn, just because the US recognised their good work.

    Why CPM so worried about Modi?!!!

  5. The problem with leftists is intolerance even if a third party praises good deeds of others.

    Leftists neither improve nor allow others to improve any state/country! They never introspect why they were necked-out in WB! Hope they lear at least from Mamata in future and may come back to power to implement policies of Modi, Nitish, Mamta.

  6. Tera gaaru,
    Gujarath is one of the most developed states by Indian standards and Modi is by far the most popular CM of all current CMs. I am not sure why you want to change these facts to highlight his (Modi's) communal record. You can argue without twisting the facts for an honest discussion.
    Note:'Developed' doesn't mean everybody is rich and happy. It is a relative term.

  7. snkr and Nara simha

    it is good that your eyes always see red every where. the tone and tenor of your comments is there for everybody to judge on the matters of in tolerance. Anyway try to meet the points mentioned in my entry.

  8. Mr Pavani, Gujarat has 36% urban population in the state. That urban population is mostly concentrated in coastal areas because of harbours that exist since the British era. Other areas of Gujarat are neither developed nor much urbanised. There is nothing to think that Modi had done something magic in the state.

  9. You are just pointing out allegations made by congress men and mallika but never tried to look in to facts of these allegations-The Government of Gujarat 18th AUG announced setting up of an inquiry commission under a retired Supreme Court judge Mr M B Shah to enquire into 17-point charges that the state Congress party submitted to the President of India a few months back.

    Always working government this type of allegations are common -First people who became ineligible under any scheme those contractors form a group and spread these messages-the watersheds throughout Gujarat without any water problem proves how the sujalam suphalam funds are utilized-without reading notes of mallika sarabhai or congis visit Gujarat and informally ask any official of water supply scheme or any rural villager about the sujalam suphalam scheme where the scheme is implemented -you will find that 100% of utilization of funds-people sitting in Hyderabad make fake comments is not good---suggest you to visit Gujarat first and comment against these schemes and implementation---suggest you to visit Gujarat and talk before TV camera not by reading the mud throwing comments made by sarabhai and others---i myself visited and enquired many villagers of gujarat and officials ---i have seen transperancy administrated in Gujarat Electricity personally and surprised to see their efficiency ---Mr Ravi-,again suggest you to visit Gujarat and write any sentence against Gujarat-before that pls dont join the people who spoil the chances of a good leader to become a prime minister
    Sujalam Sufalam, a scheme to create a grid of water resources in Gujarat in an innovative step towards water conservation and its appropriate utilization.

  10. @pavani

    Anybody with minimum honesty can't may not forget the Gujarat communal holocaust of 2002. Don't forget vajpayee shed tears and at one point tried in vain to sent out Modi. yet i made only a passing reference. Rest are facts of another kind one may like or dislike. i changed nothing and waiting for some clarification on them.ON the other day i failed to get any new points from Kishan reddy on this.
    if some body replies i will be happy.
    i noted your comment late and hence the separate reply.

  11. @Tera gaaru,
    I didn't suggest you to forget anything.
    If somebody says "the white shirt that you wear is beautiful" , he was actually saying two things.

    1. Its a white shirt 2. Its beautiful

    First on is verifable by a set of generally accepted rules. Second one is very hard to prove since it is in the eyes of the behlder and more an opinion or interpretation.

    I can only discuss the first one.. My suggestion was only to this part--- Don't twist the "fact" part to establish "opinion" part of a statement.

  12. we should not forget the fact that gujrat was already a rich state even before BJP got formed and we should agree the fact that some of the richest sects and castes already existed even before we got independence

    might be some interospection of past is quite necessary.

  13. If some one thinks that Modi had developed Gujarat state, it would be a deception. Gujarat was much developed compared to other states even in British era. British India had only 12% literacy rate but Baroda princely state of Gujarat region had 33% literacy rate because of harbours and spinning mills that helped the economic growth of the region. Gujarat can develop even without the leadership of Modi because it has own resources.

  14. when the 2002 riots comes up it is named after Modi and he is responsible-but when it comes to development ,Gujarat might have developed by itself :) -Dilly dally mind sets-people are watching this
    even other than Modi is there in seat during the time-no one might have stopped the spontaneous reactions in the street -
    When thousands of Hindus killed in streets of srinagar and with Bombs throughout the country --why not Congress prime Ministers and Home Ministers held responsible
    Any Human reactions happening due to hatred to be managed successfully to zero and peace should prevailed and that to be assured if a good leader is at top of affairs-Modi did it and proved that he can manage peace even continued hatred messages sent by group of people against him--He is proven Leader in Public ---Our Media has no guts till now to do Face to Face Interview with Rahul Gandhi or Sonia or Manmohan on 2G Scam or Bomb blasts but talk about all nonsense against Modi-
    ITS KNOWN FACT that Our MEDIA is filled with tails of Congress so no guts to have Interview with Rahul but talk against Modi in full length-all gobels approach

  15. @gargeya,

    We can apply the same logic to many things by restating it, like...

    "we should not forget .....(fill with your own name) is already a poor state even before....(fill with what ever event/person) and there were poor sects and casts even before we got our independence."

    Just in case if you didn't dismissed the entire seperatist movement in our state in a single stroke. I like it :).

  16. /Anybody with minimum honesty can't may not forget the Gujarat communal holocaust of 2002. Don't forget vajpayee shed tears and at one point tried in vain to sent out Modi/

    Leftists only stop there! They don't look at other merits which they lack of and because of which they lost power from their stronghold.

    No, Ravi garu... nothing wrong for leftists to learn some goodthings from Nitish/Modi/Mamata Benerjee. Their fears on Modi are baseless. They need not worry and think of Modi so much. :)

  17. @ snkr

    why talk of all and sundry things without referring to the points i made?you may take time and comeback with specific answers. Modi have to win at least three more elections to compare with left front rule. one may tell his credentials to Nitish whom you mentioned first and convince. bye for now.

    @ nara simha

    there is history sir. look it

    your telling logic to Gargeya . refering to casts sound repulsive. pl .. refrain from that. i once told Vidyasagar rao.. if you say forget 2002 why don't forget hundred years old Babri controversy? so the logic has two sides. bye for now.

  18. Mr Narasimha claims that "No single Farmer died in Gujarat with suicide due to interface with Government".
    Now here you go what is the truth
    about unemployment refer to url pasted below to know the state of affairs
    and you will be surprised to know that there is no database about unemployment is available in – Revealing India Statistically
    where as other states unemployment data is available.
    That the style of Modi Mark trasperency