Sunday, September 23, 2012

The Temerity Of A Prime Minister and One who took of the shirt

        Manmohan sing is right. Money won’t grow  on trees.But it do on corporate trees. 2G’S and coal gates for instance. Don’t forget even for a second that half the population of this country sweating day and night to make both ends meet. Middle class and even those considered rich have to face many a challenge to protect their savings. It is only the super rich that is exemted and even pampered.  Yet our PM has the temerity to comment like that and in the process enlisted many half truths and untruths. Statistics galore to prove that but not necessary. May be one is over enthusiastic inserving the cause of corporate India and MNC’S abroad. But there are limits of hypocrisy.  If a lawyer registered his protest in an unusual way it is not surprising but a consequence of non sensitive regime. One may note the comments made in THE HINDU,INDIAN EXPRESS  and also by eminent economists like Prabhat Patnayak , C.P.Chandra sekhar and others. If a govt is unmoved by nation wide protest  … then  somebody  may take  off  his shirt.. in fact it is the govt that is caught pants down!  Bravo..

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